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This is my small homepage, where you can find (hopefully) many interesting things, as a result of boring afternoons, sleepless nights or anything in between. This includes programs, writings, audio clips, links to other sites and other interesting material.

Since I do not wish to ruin the quality of the site (quantity does not mean quality!), frequent updates are not guaranteed. But, rest assured, as soon as I deem something worthy, I will post it here.

Everything I post will work with screen readers. In fact, if you are blind or visually impaired, give NVDA a try! It’s free and open source and if I had to summarize its capabilities in one word: rocks.

Feel free to browse using the links above and, most importantly, have fun!

About Me

I’m really tempted to not include this section as it is always difficult to summarize who I am. But, here it is, just for you!

I’m known in the cyberworld as Erion, formerly Robjoy, on muds and other MP games Thorwald (and others, if that name is taken).

I try to be as creative as possible, which hopefully shows in the activities I like doing in my free time, including enjoying nature, programming, reading a massive amount of books, hanging out with friends, listening to music (non electronic by all means), and many many more.

I believe everyone should learn to play at least one instrument in his/her life, thus, I started out with the piano, but lost interest shortly after.

I picked up a Ukulele in 2011 and we still enjoy each other’s company, proud to say, without quarrels!

As you see, or you will see, this is just a glimpse really, but the keywords here are spontaneity and uniqueness.


  Version: 3.12
  GL d- s++:+ a- C+++ UL+++ P+ L++ E- W+++ N++ o-- K w--
  O- M+ V-- PS+ PE Y+++ PGP+++ t+ 5++ X+ R++ !tv b++++ DI--- D---
  G++ e++ h-- r++ y?
  ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

How to navigate the realm

Choose a category from the navigation bar to visit each section in my realm.

Also, if you are eager to receive instant updates, feel free to check back often or follow the news rss feed.


If you like what you see on this site, or you’d like to motivate me to continue producing software/stories, or you’d simply like to support me in any way, please donate. This is, of course, entirely optional and is up to your generosity.

What I can promise, if you donate, is that I certainly will not waste any donated money on burgers or beer (not that they are not worth your money!). Seriously speaking, if you choose to donate, your donations will be used to improve the site, allow me to purchase additional software or hardware, and, of course, greatly motivate me because I’ll know that there are people out there who are interested in what I am doing.

People who rock

No, this is not about Buddy Holly or Elvis Presley, but rather about the people who help me in every way they can. Yes, you! Thanks, folks.

  • Parham, the one who is always there. You’ve done far too much to list here.
  • The Random Party: Ghorthalon, Pitermach and Bryan. Random ideas, random TT chats, random jokes (‘I’m bat’, aka ‘I’m back’). My random huge thanks!
  • The new and returning party members: Zack, Jeff, Henrik, Tyler, Aaron, Ben
  • And you, who is browsing this site and using things you find right now. I hope I don’t bore you to death. Thanks!

If you feel I left you out, I didn’t. But sadly I cannot include everyone (otherwise we would start from air itself). And some people are obvious to mention. They know who they are.

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